Bassano del Grappa. Etra launches pilot activities

ETRA, project leader of LIFE-REthinkWASTE, has launched the pilot activity of the project in Bassano del Grappa (Italy, Vicenza Province). The aim is to experiment an innovative system of communication and interaction with users to inform them in real time about their behaviour related to waste disposal. Families living in the pilot area (the waste […]

Inside “RICICLO E VINCO” in Varese. Eco-coaches, the platform and the awards

The trial of KAYT in Varese, in the pilot area with 5,000 inhabitants of Bustecche and San Carlo districts, reached the full implementation phase in early 2021, as a local test of LIFE RethinkWaste project translated into “Riciclo e Vinco” (recycle and win) initiative. Eco-coaches Since January, taking into account the restrictions due to the […]

Nou vídeo sobre el projecte Life RethinkWaste i la campanya #coneixelquellences.

El vídeo  s’estrena al curs “Fiscalitat ambiental aplicada als residus (Taxa Justa) i altres sistemes d’incentivació (KAYT)” En la tercera i darrera sessió del curs “Fiscalitat Ambiental aplicada als residus (Taxa Justa) i altres sistemes d’incentivació”, Núria Pallerès, cap de serveis i medi ambient de l’Ajuntament de Sant Just Desvern, ha explicat la implantació del […]