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Municipality of Bassano del Grappa (VI)


Figure 1 - View of the Old Bridge in Bassano del Grappa

Main data

Population (01.01.2019): 43,412
Total area (km2): 47.06
Altitude (average): 297.7 m.a.s.l.
Official web site of the Municipality:


Figure 2 – Position of Bassano del Grappa in Veneto region


Figure 3 – Streets included in pilot area of Bassano del Grappa

Short description

Bassano del Grappa is located in the North-East of the Italian peninsula, in the heart of the Veneto region, on the border between the provinces of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, near the Veneto Prealps (Asiago plateau and Monte Grappa). The city center extension is 47 square kilometers and is located at 129 meters above sea level, while the municipal area has an altitude ranging between 87 and 1276 meters above the sea level. There are different areas in the municipal area: the historic center, high-density residential districts, low-density residential neighborhoods and hilly or mountain areas. The companies in the Bassano del Grappa municipal area are around 4,550 (Source ISTAT, 2011). The most relevant sectors of activity are commerce (24.3%) and professional activities (21.3%), followed by manufacturing activities (9.1%), real estate activities (9.1%) and businesses of construction (7.5%).

Waste collection system and tariff regulation (now)

Name of the company managing the waste service: ETRA S.p.A.

Main collection system:

In the historical centre:

  • for domestic users: door-to-door collection of residual waste, paper and cardboard, light packaging (plastic containers and cans); street collection of organic waste and glass;
  • for non-domestic users: door-to-door collection of all the main fractions of waste.

In municipal territory not scattered areas: for all users it’s active the door-to-door collection for all the main fractions of urban waste.
In hilly areas: with scattered users, it’s active the street collection for all the fractions of waste for all users.

Type of tariff (before test):

PAYT: yes
KAYT (Y/N/trial): not in use yet

Separate collection rate in 2019 (%): 78.3%
Amount of unsorted waste per capita in 2019: 108.9 kg/inhabitant.

Main objectives of the test and expected results

In Bassano del Grappa PAYT is partially implemented and BIGDATA is by now used only for that purpose. ETRA will perform advanced statistics on this data set and use it to optimize its waste collection services. Besides this, ETRA will expand the adoption and the intensity of application of PAYT, introducing stronger criteria to reward citizen’s good behavior. PAYT will be integrated with KAYT: it will be tested in a portion of Bassano del Grappa Municipality in order to raise citizens awareness about their daily-basis waste generation, especially to manage situations like “zero generators”, anomalous data, behavior over time.

Short description of the test

The KAYT model will involve domestic users and will be implemented as an evolution of the PAYT system already in use; here below the main steps:

  1. A first engagement letter sent by ETRA and Bassano del Grappa Municipality to the citizens of the pilot area: the letter will contain a description of the project “Riciclo e vinco! (recycle and win!) and an invitation to apply to KAYT sending the mobile number to the platfrom provided by the REthinkWASTE project.
  2. A messaging system: to each domestic users will be assigned a univoque code to be recognized by the platform. The mobile phone numbers collected will be used for sending messaging about personal behaviour on waste and to inform about various issues like for example proper waste differentiation rules, achievement of the whole pilot area, etc.
  3. The engagment of the local shops in the rewarding system: collection of the participation of local shops to be part of the project and therefore make themselves available to get the vouchers that will be drawn at the end of the pilot phase.
  4. Final draw for participating users: the users that that will be registered until the end of experimentation and will have interacted at least once a week with the messages that they will receive, will participate in the draw of vouchers to spend in affiliated shops or will donate them to a local association.

More information about "Riciclo e vinco!"

About this page

This is a temporary page. The project website will be online soon.

PAYT and KAYT Catalogue

Collection of experiences about pay as you throw (PAYT) and know as you throw (KAYT).



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