Inside “RICICLO E VINCO” in Varese. Eco-coaches, the platform and the awards

The trial of KAYT in Varese, in the pilot area with 5,000 inhabitants of Bustecche and San Carlo districts, reached the full implementation phase in early 2021, as a local test of LIFE RethinkWaste project translated into “Riciclo e Vinco” (recycle and win) initiative.


Since January, taking into account the restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic, eco-coaches are on the ground. Every month they are walking down the streets of the districts doing inspections on the quality of separate collection, talking with citizens, promoting the project and delivering the vouchers used as a prize in a monthly draw randomly awarding citizens participating in the project. Red dressed with a visible jacket, they act as the “real” link between the digital messaging platform and citizens. In April for a whole week they stood next to the municipal point in a public area delivering waste collection bags. Their task was also to give extra bonus points, in the framework of the game that is engaging a lot of residents in the area.

Prize draws

Since the end of December, a monthly prize draw has been performed to motivate the 360 citizens in being engaged with the messaging campaign. Prizes are assigned randomly; only the special final draw of June 2021 will be based on the ranking of participants who interacts more with the platform and answer correctly. 20 vouchers of €50 value and 300 of €10 value have already been given to citizens to be used in local shops (a pharmacy, bookshop, organic market, flea market, etc). Most of vouchers (80%) have been by now used in the pharmacy. Eco-coaches are delivering door to door vouchers to participants!

The digital messaging platform… The game goes on

The interaction generated by the platform is under continuous development. The contest based on eco-points gained according to answers to small quizzes and answers is immersive and addictive. Quizzes, games, requests to perform concrete actions (like counting every week residual waste bags set out on the street by your building) show a constant good feedback and participation rate. The work of eco-coaches also translates into pictures of separate collection bins taken on the street – which are then automatically sent to those living in the building related to the picture – including comments on how to improve the collection.