Varese. More than 350 subscribers in the first month of the campaign “Riciclo e Vinco”

Last 12 December the Municipality of Varese launched its test of the KAYT (Know-as-you-throw) approach within the LIFE REthinkWASTE project.

The trial will be conducted in a fairly large area of the city where separate waste collection can be improved, the districts of Bustecche and San Carlo, where there are 450 buildings and condominiums, a total of 2,000 families and almost 5,000 citizens.

More than 2,000 letters were already sent to citizens of this neighbourhoods to promote the subscription to the “Riciclo e Vinco” awareness campaign. In one month about 360 citizens have already joined it. The campaign will go on for 6 months, lasting next June 2021.


The campaign is based on a messaging platform developed by ARS ambiente Srl that allows to send personalized communications to citizens via WhatsApp, SMS or Telegram, in order to stimulate the separate waste collection and reduce the production of residual waste. Participants will receive messages with information, quizzes or invites to events and can request explanations on any issue about separate collection.

Participants can receive up to €800 in discount vouchers per family (€200 per person) that can be used at certain stores of the neighbourhoods, that signed a special partnership with the Municipality. Here you can find the list of shops.

Subscriptions to Riciclo e Vinco campaign are still open: people have just to connect to the web page dedicated to the initiative on the website of the Municipality of Varese. In the next weeks other awareness actions will start: the goal of the Municipality of Varese is to further improve the results of separate waste collection and reduce the production of residual waste through the active participation of citizens.

To learn more about the campaign visit the dedicated page on the Municipality of Varese website: RICICLO E VINCO.

The neighbourhoods of Bustecche and San Carlo (from