What is the DSS software?

The DSS (decision support system) software developed by the Life REThinkWASTE project is a tool to support the adoption of user awareness or punctual waste pricing systems as a form of incentive to reduce unsorted waste. Technicians and public administrators can interface with this simple tool that guides the user with targeted questions. From the answers provided, a picture of the state of affairs and a simulation of the degree of improvement possible through the introduction of point-based pricing systems is obtained.

If the required data is not available, the programme offers the possibility of drawing on databases from literature and field experiences.

At the end of the process, the user obtains data and graphs illustrating the starting situation and the forecast of possible results from the chosen actions.

The detailed analysis of costs and results then allows administrators to have an initial overview of the expected results.

The DSS, which is protected by a creative commons licence, is available free of charge for simulations with data from your municipality,download it by clicking on the button!