Etra introduces PAYT also for commercial users

About 30,000 businesses are interested in the new standard tariff for commercial users introduced by the local authority for waste management, Consiglio di Bacino Brenta, in the area of the province of Vicenza served by Etra. The initiative aims to involve companies and firms in achieving the target defined by the Regional Urban Waste Plan to 2030: 84% separate waste collection rate and 80 kg per capita per year of unsorted waste. A challenge that involves the whole territory!

The Consiglio di Bacino Brenta designed the new tariff for commercial users in cooperation with the service provider Etra and trade associations, also providing a gradual mechanism to get users familiar with the novelty introduced.

The new tariff will offer a ‘tailor-made service’ to companies which will choose the integrated waste management service offered by Etra. It will no longer be computed considering only the surface area, but it will be the result of the following parameters:

– basic fixed tariff: without distinction by category, depending on the surface area;

– basic municipal tariff: covering specific services provided at municipal level (e.g. street sweeping frequency);

– variable tariff: covering the basic service, related to the waste production;

– variable rate for additional, on-demand services: applied to requested additional services.

Moving forward the Life Project REthinkWASTE efforts to increase users awareness as key to reduce waste production!

Here are the links to articles in the local press:

here a video summarizing the novelty introduced (only Italian language available):