“Fair Tax and Know-As-You-Throw Systems” online training completed

The ARC and REthinkWASTE online training about “Fair Tax and Know-As-You-Throw Systems” ended last week as a great success.

The course was imparted by ENT. Several experts in the field of municipal waste management participated, from technological issues to legal regulations to tax system design, in an effort to cover all the necessary fields of knowledge for the adoption of a Fair Tax system.

Over 180 people from a total of 125 municipalities and supramunicipal consortiums registered for the course. Attendance was high, with about 140 people in each of the theoretical sessions and over 90 people in the last session, in which they were divided in groups to do a practical exercise on designing a Fair Tax and KAYT system for a hypothetical municipality or consortium.

The course sessions were recorded and edited. The videos, along with the presentations and expanded documentation, will be put online in ARC’s webpage for anybody interested to consult them:


This webpage is to be used by ARC to disseminate PAYT and KAYT principles in the years to come, when more and more municipalities will adopt such schemes to comply with EU regulations.

After this, within the REthinkWASTE project, ARC will select 20 of the municipalities that participated in the project and offer them 18 hours of intensive training, provided by ENT, in order for them to prepare an actionable plan for adopting a Fair Tax and KAYT system in their territory.