LIFE-REthinkWASTE. Project’s catalogue of PAYT and KAYT practices published by ACR+

The Catalogue recently published by ACR+ in the framework of the LIFE-REthinkWASTE project (Action A.1) gathers a dozen of recent practices in Pay-as you-throw (PAYT) and Know-as-you-throw (KAYT). The experiences here described implemented differentiated taxation and/or awareness raising models based on information and technology, to improve waste service performances in terms of separate waste collection and waste production and unsorted waste.

The best practices described in the Catalogue range from small municipalities with a few thousand inhabitants like Argentona (Catalonia, Spain) and Miglianico (Apulia, IT) to medium-sized cities like Parma and Bergamo (Italy) and even to European metropoles like Berlin (Germany). A set of nine cluster projects accompanies the description of these experiences to frame them in a broader context.

The source of inspiration for this collection was the workshop organised in February 2020 by ACR+ for the project. At the event participated experts from different European countries, who discussed how cities and towns were able to motivate and sensitize citizens to change their habits in order to do more separate collection of their waste and to prevent waste.

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