New Course on “Fair Tax and Know-as-you-Throw Systems”

The ARC has started a online training on “Fair Tax and Know-as-you-Throw Systems” open to all the municipalities in Catalonia. It will consist on four sessions of three hours each. The first three will be theoretical, covering everything municipalites need to know to implant Fair Tax and KAYT systems:

  • technological and technical requirements to organize an efficient dynamic tariff system-
  • PAYT
  • awareness raising measures
  • privacy management
  • Calibration of GPP as part of the service contract between PA – waste utility
  • management and normative criteria
  • optimal business plan

The fourth and last session will be dedicated to interactive work on a practical scenario, in order for participants to try their hand at designing a Fair Tax and KAYT System adapted to their circumstances.

The training will be imparted by ENT, a company with wide experience in the field of environmental studies.

The course will take place on May 9, 11, 23 and 26. A total of 182 people from 125 different local entities have signed up.

The training sessions will be recorded and published in ARC’s website to make them available to any other municipality or technician that might be interested, in order to disseminate PAYT/KAYT principles as widely as possible.