New video about Life-REthinkWASTE project and #coneixelquellences campaign

The video was showcased in the course “Environmental taxation applied to waste (PAYT) and other incentive systems (KAYT)”

In the third and last session of the course “Environmental Taxation applied to waste (PAYT) and other incentive systems”, Núria Pallerès, head of services and environment of the City of Sant Just Desvern, explained the implementation of the new model of separate collection in the municipality together with the campaign #coneixelquellences based on Know-as-you-throw (KAYT) concept, exposing the first data of participation.

The video was released at the end of the presentation. It briefly explains the new separate waste collection model with locked containers for food waste and residual waste, as well as the operation of #coneixelquellences (KAYT) campaign via mobile phone. More than 100 people have already seen it during the course. Don’t miss it!

The course has been organized by the COAMB, ARC and La Xarxa (DIBA) in the framework of the LIFE RETHINKWASTE project of which both, ARC and the City Council of Sant Just Desvern, are partners.