One month after the launch of KAYT campaign in Sant Just together with the new waste collection model with smart containers

It’s been a month since KAYT #coneixelquellences campaign of LIFE Rethinkwaste through the chatbot coneixelquellences started. 272 people are already registered from the neighbourhoods of La Miranda and Canigó via Whatsapp, Telegram or SMS. They receive two types of messages every week: a more playful one with challenges and/or surveys related to the waste separate collection and management in the municipality; and another one with personalized data about the use of containers.

This campaign is part of a pilot project, together with 3 Italian municipalities, to see how an increase in the knowledge of their own waste also leads to improved management and, ultimately, separate collection.

It is the so called KAYT – Know As You Throw concept. This channel, despite being a semi-automatic messaging system, has the supervision of environmental educators / informers in the municipality who help to resolve doubts and other claims and issues that might arise.

If you have an e-card for opening the bins and you are not yet registered in coneixelquellences, you can do so via the following link: