Rimini 11 November – Final conference of the LIFE REthinkWASTE project at Ecomondo

Pay As You Throw (PAYT) and Know-as-you-throw (KAYT) models have been an integral part an integral part of local waste management policies for the last several years, with many more local and regional authorities around Europe considering their implementation. Local authorities can stimulate changes in citizens’ behaviours by introducing dynamic waste tariff systems based on the PAYT principle and by applying the so-called “nudge” theory where citizens adopt a more responsible behaviour in response to positive support and indirect help or suggestions, something that the innovative KAYT approach is based on.

All along the workshop, which is the final event of the LIFE REthinkWASTE project (with the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union, under the Grant Agreement LIFE18 GIE/IT/000156), participants will hear about the impact of the adoption of integrated PAYT+KAYT models in different EU cities and regions. Furthermore, LIFE REthinkWASTE experts will present a Decision Support System and an Online Toolkit that will help participants to understand if dynamic waste pricing models are suitable and how to plan their use in the most effective manner.

Programme of the conference