Bassano. Citizens’ opinion on KAYT

A new video is available online with the opinion of a sample of Bassano del Grappa citizens who participated in the KAYT pilot, through the “Riciclo e vinco!” contest.

KAYT stands for know-as-you-throw, which is an innovative approach that through personalised communication between the waste collection service provider and users, based on social platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram and SMS, aims to improve waste sorting.

Etra tested the KAYT approach in collection area D of the city of Bassano, which includes about 11,000 inhabitants for 5,000 users, in the period between December 2020 and December 2021. The citizens who took part in the experimentation (201 users) signed up for the “Riciclo e vinco!” contest, and for one year they received weekly messages with useful information and quizzes to improve separate waste, and periodically updates on the quantity of dry residual waste delivered since the beginning of the year, compared with the data from the previous year and with similar households in terms of number of members.

During the environmental-day organised in Bassano on 29th January, 60 citizens have been awarded vouchers worth 100€ each which they could spend in affiliated shops or donate to local associations. The lucky winners were extracted by lot among those who interacted with regularity by answering the messages and quizzes sent.

A survey submitted to the participants highlighted the citizens’ appreciation of the initiative: 93% rated the initiative as very interesting and the percentage of those who felt fairly or very well informed on the correct separation of waste increased by 27 points!

Particularly appreciated by the users were the information given in the form of friendly messages and quizzes, which kept their attention alive throughout the entire testing period, emphasizing that every little bit of care can make a difference and lead to great results.