Bassano del Grappa. PAYT and big data to improve the efficiency of the collection service

In Bassano del Grappa and other municipalities managed by ETRA S.p.A., analysis of the big data collected through the PAYT (Pay As You Throw) approach will soon begin.

The implementation of dynamic pricing in the territory of ETRA (lead partner in the Life REthinkWASTE project) is done by collecting data on single users through electronic devices consisting of a chip and a Radio-Frequency IDentification antenna (TAG-RFID) applied to the bins of each user. The operator, through a special reader, collects the data of waste collected by each users in real time and in this way the waste management providers can apply a precise pricing in accordance with the principle “polluter pays” that rewards the most virtuous users and encourages the improvement of separate collection.

The big-data analysis foreseen by the REthinkWASTE project will make the service even more efficient. Thanks to the interconnection between the database fed by RFID technologies on the waste collection of each user, with databases that collect geolocation data of users, the streets of the collection areas, the length and paths of collection shifts, and the actual load of the trucks will be identified indicators that measure the efficiency of collection and developed procedures to define the collection routes to maximize it.  Particular attention will be paid to compliance with privacy legislation, in fact all data subject to reprocessing will first be anonymized and used solely for the purpose of improving the service.

The objective is to make the service as a whole even more functional, aiming, for example, to reduce the fuel consumption of collection vehicles and to trace collection routes that are increasingly tailored to the needs of users.

Another step towards a sustainable management of the waste cycle thanks to the Life REthinkWASTE!