Bassano, the merceological analyses confirm the attention of citizens to an appropriate differentiation.

Etra’s pilot of the Know-as-you-throw (KAYT) approach in Bassano del Grappa, D collection area, ended in December 2021. Now the follow-up phase is ongoing, which will last until June 2022 to monitor the results of the pilot.

On 15, 16, 17 and 21 March 2022, merceologial analyses were carried out on the waste collected in D area, examining its composition in material terms in order to verify its quality and compare it with similar analysis carried out in September 2020, before the start of the test.

The high quality of the analyses for organic waste remained unchanged, with a non-compliant mass percentage of 0.4-0.5%. Also with regard to paper collection, Bassano’s citizens distinguish themselves for their attention to correct differentiation, in fact the reject rate decreased from 0.9 to 0.6%.

From the interviews conducted with the citizens involved in the piloting, it became evident that one of the most appreciated aspects of KAYT was the easy way in which information on correct differentiation is given, furthermore the quiz format helps to keep attention high, encouraging further improvement.