Bassano towards the end of the pilot, time for evaluation

The KAYT pilot in Bassano is approaching its end. It is then a good time to evaluate the impact that the actions carried out have had on the citizens who participated, especially in terms of changing habits and perception of environmental issues such as climate change.

Users are therefore invited to answer two surveys, included among the monitoring activities scheduled in the LIFE REThinkWASTE project, referring in particular to the Social Footprint Analysis, i.e. the evaluation of the effect that the pilot conducted had on citizens, through the feedback of the participants, as answer to a poll.

Participants in the “Riciclo e vinco!” initiative have in effect just received an invitation to take part in a survey proposed by experts from the Department of Economic Sciences of Verona University to find out how users perceive climate change, but also which personal characteristics they consider best represent themselves.

The results of the survey, given anonymously and in aggregate mode, will then be processed by Prof. Bucciol and Prof. Quercia for research purposes with the aim of verifying if the actions envisaged by the KAYT experiment have different effectiveness depending on personal characteristics of the users such as unselfishness or concern for climate change.

A second survey will involve users in mid-December. In this case, the questions will be the same as those posed before the start of the experimentation activities, in this way the impact of the project actions can be compared and assessed. In fact, this will be the last message sent to subscribers before the raffle of 60 shopping vouchers worth €100.

The results of the analysis will be integrated with the other monitoring activities in providing a detailed overview, helpful for the elaboration of public waste management policies.