IFEL launch of training seminars on PAYT and KAYT, the kick-off is in Foligno (Umbria Region)

IFEL‘s training program aims to disseminate on a large scale the results of the Life REthinkWASTE project and offer in-depth training sessions on PAYT (pay-as-you-throw) and KAYT (know-as-you-throw). PAYT and KAYT are tools that are recognized at European level for their effectiveness in improving separate waste collection by empowering users and rewarding those who sort waste correctly, in compliance with the “polluter pays” principle. The objective of the training program promoted by IFEL is to reach at least 50 municipalities in different Italian regions; the workshops will take place in Umbria, Apulia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Sicily.

Today, Tuesday 4 October, we are in Foligno (PG), in the wonderful headquarters of Auri , the first step of the training program on the PAYT-KAYT approach promoted by IFEL in Umbria Region, involving municipalities, waste service companies, and Local Authorities engaged in redesigning the waste management and governance system. Throughout the day, specialists from the Life REthinkWASTE project offered insights into regulations, technical elements, best practices, and cases of failure in order to recognize good practices to be inspired by and mistakes to be avoided. In the end, the participants challenged themselves with an original co-design exercise, prompting professionals’ creativity and discussion.

Next meetings in Umbria, with Valle Umbra Servizi and its municipalities, will be held in Foligno on  October 5  and November 16.