Life REthinkWASTE project partners meet in Cittadella (PD)

New enthusiasm for the project actions after the partner meetings held in Cittadella (PD), on 27th and 28th April!

The partners of the Life REthinkWASTE project met in the charming setting of Cittadella, a municipality in the province of Padua and member of Etra spa, the lead partner.

The first day was dedicated to the Steering Committee during which the partners presented the results obtained so far and outlined the path for actions in the coming months, which will be focused mainly on the training of at least 230 local authorities in Europe on the themes of PAYT (pay-as-you-throw) or the dynamic waste tariff, and the innovative KAYT (know-as-you-throw) approach that engages users through social media.

The results obtained from the piloting areas are particularly interesting for training actions, which in this way can refer to concrete experiences, increasing the effectiveness of communication. Moreover, during the Cittadella meetings, the available training tools were explored in depth, namely the DSS (Decision-Support-System), i.e. a simulator of costs and benefits deriving from the application of the KAYT and PAYT approaches in a given municipality, and the web-tool, which allows to carry out a self-assessment of the starting point, with a guided online training path on the different aspects to be taken into account in order to apply these innovative tools in a given municipality.

The second day was dedicated to the monitoring visit, i.e. the verification by an official appointed by the European Commission of the administrative regularity of the accounting documents for the reporting of project expenses and the actual consistency of the actions implemented with the provisions of the approved project.

The next appointments for the whole partnership will be the monitoring visit and the final conference, scheduled for next autumn. Stay tuned!