The Project LIFE REthinkWASTE comes to Ancona and its territory

Waste management: a meeting to coordinate objectives and strategies for the immediate future will be held on Thursday in Jesi, Marche Region.

The meeting “The innovation in waste management: objectives, strategies and good practices”, will be held in Jesi (at Palazzo Pianetti), on Thursday, October 20th. The purpose of this event is to discuss the activities carried out by ATA Rifiuti in the Province of Ancona (Marche Region), and the other partners of the European project LIFE REthinkWASTE, with a perspective on the immediate future.

The project’s aim is to prevent the production of waste (most of all unsorted waste), increase the separate collection and the recycling rate through the PAYT-KAYT approach, focusing on a fruitful relationship with citizens, the first and main stakeholders in the implementation of sustainability policies. Following this principle, during the meeting ATA Rifiuti will reward families and institutions, that within the territory, have implemented virtuous policies for recycling as well as for the reduction of packaging and food waste.

The event will also be an opportunity to present the good practices developed during the implementation of the REthinkWASTE project with tangible examples at national and international level. In addition, it will be illustrated the ATA program that will bring the territory of the province of Ancona to joint management in the collection and transport of urban waste and the introduction of the PAYT approach (in Italian “tariffa puntuale”), with the aim of making the fairer local waste rate and incentives for the correct behavior of citizens

In order to participate in the meeting please register at the following link: ENROL.