The large-scale expansion of KAYT and PAYT by REthinkWASTE reaches Portugal!

Tomorrow, September 20th, is scheduled a coaching session about PAYT and KAYT in Maia (Porto Metropolitan Area, Portugal). The meeting will be the occasion also to visit the premises of Maiambiente and to know more about the PAYT scheme introduced in the area.
The agenda of the meeting foresees a brief presentation of the main characteristics of the project Life REthinkWASTE and the experience of Bassano del Grappa (Veneto Region, Italy), one of the pilot areas.
The focus will be later on the presentation of the tools developed by the projects, such as the self-assessment toolkit and the DSS (Decision Support System), which will enable the participants to have an overview of the results that can be achieved with the adoption of KAYT and PAYT in their areas.
In the following, the presentation of Veneto Region’s key study, where PAYT schemes have been in use for many years. The intervention will give evidence of the effectiveness of this approach.
The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) implemented in the four pilot areas of the REthinkWASTE project will add further information to the audience about the characteristics of these sound schemes. The workshop will end with an open discussion among participants aimed at solving doubts and adding new perspectives, an excellent occasion to spread the REthinkWASTE approach to PAYT and KAYT! The large-scale expansion actions of the project Life REthinkWASTE started last spring, with the workshops held in Veneto Region, the online workshops in Catalonia, and the coaching sessions organized in Ancona.
In the next weeks and until the end of 2022, other Italian regions – such as Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Puglia, Sicily, and hopefully Sardinia or Tuscany – as well as European cities like Pamplona (ES) and Athens (GR), will host coaching and training sessions for local waste management companies and Municipalities. The general goal of these activities is to make local decision-makers more familiar with the innovative schemes of KAYT (Know-as-you-throw) and PAYT (Pay-as-you-throw).
Wish to learn more about these approaches? Have a look at this video animation.